Live Streaming Class with David McCamant

My Live Streaming Classes are designed to be as close as possible to actually being with me in a live class but with additional features that may make them even better!

  • Each class has Live streaming real-time demonstrations and interactions between students and myself.
  • Students can send images to me for a private critique between sessions.
  • Each class is recorded and available for download between sessions so you will not have to take notes. You will be able to have the entire lesson to review at your leisure.
  • Most classes include a complete supply list, an illustrated workbook and beautiful high quality reference photos.

Each Zoom class is a live demonstration with real-time interaction with me. The demonstrations are broken down into practical steps. This allows students to be able to work in tandem with me and can ask questions throughout the class just as in my in-person live classes. Students may arrange a quick Zoom session with me if they need additional support!