Wednesday Night Level 2 Class – Building a Great Painting

This 6 week, 18 hour course is your doorway to creating dynamic compositions through studying the methodology of the masters. Students will learn how to take their paintings to the next level by learning how to orchestrate composition, staging, value, color, design and mood. The class will change the way the student sees their work.

Level 2 Classes or Intermediate Classes
Prerequisites – Highly recommend having taken any of the following NMA (Nevada Museum of Art) classes: Brushwork and Blocking (or just Brushwork), Beginning Oil Painting (Or Painting 1: Beginning with Oils), Impressionist Painting, Landscapes in Oil: Broad Strokes, Plein Air, Fast Studies, Painting: Oil Landscapes in the Studio, Quick Studies in Oil, and/or Still Life in Oil. Just about any of my oil painting classes at the NMA will do.


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