Wednesday Morning Level 1 Class – Beginning Landscapes with Oils

Beginning students will enjoy this six-week technique-based class focused on creating dramatic landscapes. Working from photo reference, students will explore the use of sensitive and effective strokes to manipulate paint with a brush and pallet knife. Students will explore how to establish depth to create captivating landscape paintings.

Level 1 Classes or Beginning Classes
The only prerequisite for these classes is your enthusiasm! All level 1 classes are designed for students new to the subject or techniques.


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Wednesday Evening Level 2 Class – Impasto in Landscape

This 6 week, 18-hour oil painting course is all about interpreting the landscape using texture for impact. Students will learn how to visualize each landscape element as planes, directional shapes and textural areas then fit them into a cohesive composition. Hands on brush and palette knife techniques will be demonstrated and practiced.

Level 2 Classes or Intermediate Classes
Prerequisites – Highly recommend having taken any of the following NMA (Nevada Museum of Art) classes: Brushwork and Blocking (or just Brushwork), Beginning Oil Painting (Or Painting 1: Beginning with Oils), Impressionist Painting, Landscapes in Oil: Broad Strokes, Plein Air, Fast Studies, Painting: Oil Landscapes in the Studio, Quick Studies in Oil, and/or Still Life in Oil.



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